We offer full warehousing and logistics support in accordance with the rules of GDP for national distribution.

  • INBOUND – reception and inspection of goods. Priority management. Track records and reporting.
  • WAREHOUSING – storage facility is fully GDP compliant with designated areas, cold chain chambers, restricted areas for sensitive and risk products, HVAC systems to ensure temperature and humidity management.
  • OUTBOUND – order picking, packaging for transport, including cold chain and secured packing, route planning with priority management, secured delivery to destination.
  • REVERSE LOGISTICS – we facilitate recall and withdrawal activities for pharmaceutical products, samples, medical devices, disposal devices, documents, marketing and promo materials. We also facilitate waste management and controlled destruction of disposal devices. All activities are accomplished by specialized personnel, according to SOPs.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT, EU INTRACOMUNITARY DELIVERIES – forwarding services, documents management, customs clearance.
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES – invoicing for customers, price/agreement management, collection management, credit control and risk management, inventory management, inventory replenishment.
• DATA MANAGEMENT | back – All activities are managed by ERP software with full reporting and integration capabilities. The company has dedicated IT structure organized with Hardware, Software, Network Administration and Communication and Data Security.

• QUALITY MANAGEMENT | back – The company is ISO 9001 certified by RINA SIMTEX OC and GDP authorized by the Romanian National Drug Agency .
Servicii Pre-Wholesale Direct Pharma
Servicii Pre-Wholesale Direct Pharma
Servicii Pre-Wholesale Direct Pharma

• B2B direct deliveries | back
We offer delivery to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and medical offices, even in one single dose, providing all steps control, dispatching and return of documents control and confirmation, traceability, cold chain supply, cash collection management.

• Delivery for online orders | back
We have the capabilities to integrate our ERP with any online platform in order to organize collection, delivery, cash collection management.

• WAREHOUSE CAPACITY - Features | back
DIRECT PHARMA LOGISTICS ensures warehousing spaces in compliance to GDP standards. Storage capacity - 800 square meters / 5400 cubic meters

Storage conditions:
  • Controlled temperature (8*-20*C).
  • Cold chain temperature (2*-8*C).
  • Environmental conditions mapping (temperature and humidity) with control systems with continuous monitoring and values recording.
  • Distinctive areas for products categories (drugs, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, sensitive products) and products condition (for delivery, recalled, non-complying products).
  • Specially segregated and secured locations are provided for sensitive and controlled drugs and quarantine.
  • FEFO management and batch management according to specifications of each project, for easy traceability.
Warehouse is provided with inbound and outbound designated areas, pallet racking port, handling and stacking equipment, refrigerators, cold chain rooms, facile sanitizing walls and pavement, general fire prevention and intervention system, electronic fire alarm, video surveillance and security system. We have procedural flow of products and personnel for optimized operations.

• TRANSPORT | back
We own a fleet of 20 GDP compliant vehicles. Product integrity and controlled enviromental conditions are ensured during transportation/delivery. The conditions of temperature and humidity for each delivery are recorded and archived.


• STAFF | back
We know that people are the most important resource in a company and, therefore, the composition of our team we selected only people with experience. Our staff dedicated to each customer, will always be one step ahead in providing support to ensure that all customers are satisfied awaited. All our staff is constantly trained on good storage practices, rules, procedures and standards of safety and security in the area.

Produse Direct Pharma Logistics
Servicii Direct Pharma Logistics
  • General services
  • Additional Services
  • Data Management
  • Quality Management
  • B2B direct deliveries
  • B2C direct deliveries
  • Delivery for online orders
  • Clinical trials logistics
  • Samples distribution

Bd. Biruintei, nr. 162,
Pantelimon, Ilfov - RO.

Bd. Biruintei, nr. 162,
Pantelimon, Ilfov - RO.

Phone: +40 722 465 611
Fax: +40 372 253 383
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